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Admont: Civilisation and Wilderness

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About Admont

Guests are always overwhelmed upon entering the world's biggest monastic library in Admont Benedictine Abbey for the first time. The beautifully frescoed interior houses 70,000 volumes (200,000 volumes in the whole monastery) and also contains a highly spiritual work of art/sculpture: the Four Last Things .
The vast monastic complex, home to a highly interesting and diversified museum landscape, is situated next to the Gesäuse National Park, with untouched nature and many exciting options for outdoor activities. Starting point for many activities with park rangers is the "
Weidendom ", a living house made of willow trees. Also in close proximity is another park, the Kalkalpen National Park, whose primeval beech forests were registered as natural heritage in 2017.

Distance from major cities/airports to Admont:
Graz, Linz (1.5hrs), Salzburg (2hrs), Vienna (2.5hrs), Munich (3.5hrs)
Public bus from Admont to Liezen Station (30min), from there regular direct train services to Schladming, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich, Zurich. Direct passenger train service to Admont Station only on weekends.

Our Service

We organise package tours for your travel agency's guests to Admont Abbey as well as Gesäuse and Kalkalpen* National Parks including nature programmes with park rangers, hiking&trekking, rafting, camping, cycling&e-biking, and day trips to Salzburg*, Graz*, Linz, and Hallstatt*.
In Admont we also do
outdoor survival trainings, bird and animal watching, explore&experience nature days, organic farm stays, yoga&relaxation days and burnout prevention weeks. (* unesco world heritage sites)

Photos and information:
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