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OBER Travel and Wolfgang provide companies worldwide
with vacation and business packages for groups and individuals
travelling to Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Germany.
OBER Travel (www.ober.co.at)

OBER Travel e.U.
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Wolfgang "Wolf" Oberleitner
Proprietor OBER Travel
Music Lover and Licenced Guide
(for sightseeing, trekking, bike tours),
Project Manager Japan

Our Area of Operation
Austria, Northern Italy, Slovenia, South Germany (Bavaria)


In 2020 we celebrate
*Beethoven's 250th Birthday*
*150 years of New Year Concert Hall, Vienna*
*100 years of Salzburg Music Festival*

Corona Virus
All tours suspended until 30 June, 2020


Deep Listening
Classical Music & Art Tours

Photo: Larisa Birta

"Music should be called the younger sister of painting" (Leonardo da Vinci).
Our music tours go deeper than the average:
◘ In-depth presentation of a piece of music using hotel facilities equipped with CD-players and loudspeakers. This includes presentation of key themes, melodics, harmonics and structure of the pieces as well as the biographical background in which it was composed. This is really not so much about "learning" and "knowledge" than about "feeling" the music.
◘ Visit birth places and residences of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Bruckner, Mahler...
◘ Interesting and amusing stories about the composers
◘ Historic background
◘ Read more:

Deep Breathing
Nature and Outdoor Programs

Schladminger Tauern - Dachstein

Our aim is to provide an integral nature experience (Alps, Dolomiti, Appenin) that include one or more of the following programs:
◘ Hiking, trekking, cycling, rafting etc.
◘ Culture treks with heritage sites, old towns and villages along the trail
◘ "Spring and Fall": Hopkin's beautiful poem may penetrate your mind as you enjoy the bright colors of nature while walking on some of the most beautiful trails Europe has to offer.
◘ "Deep Breathing" program with national park rangers: observe and experience nature, wildlife, geology and glaciers at a deeper level.
◘ Summercamps for university students as well as for families with children; organic farm stays.

© Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Austria shows high performance in various industrial fields and scientific disciplines. Some top Austrian companies are active in the following areas:
High-precision parts and machinery, automotive and aircraft components, semiconductor circuits, new generation steel-based technology, environmental engineering, hydraulic power generation, railway technology, tunnel construction, fiber technology, etc.
Our services:
◘ We select representative companies in the area/discipline of your choice
◘ We make the first contact with the company of your choice and arrange mutual visits
◘ We organise incentive tours, team building seminars, study trips etc. for your company's employees, customers and key accounts.
◘ Other services: Whatever you may need, please let us know. We make it happen!